Recoll is a privately-owned technology services company.

Recoll has more than 7000 m² of laboratories dedicated to the conduct of tests and industrial research on the applications of polymeric materials (composites, adhesives, paints, resins,…) destined for many sectors of activity: ASD, Medical, energy, transportation, building,….

Recoll intervenes for its customers since the upstream phases of product definition and their formulation or deformulation, but also in the context of the regulatory qualification and the analysis of materials by means of physico-chemical analyses, of mechanical tests, tests of ageing or resistance to fire and for the validation of the holding in exposure to severe environments.

Our experts train and accompany our customers in the development of their innovative products regardless of the maturity level of their projects.
For more than 15 years Recoll has invested each year on skills and a fleet of recent equipment and equipments to manufacture, implement and characterize materials in the form of samples or test specimens, but also on finished products to Actual size.

Recoll is present on 2 sites, in Pessac (33) and Rochefort (17).