Debonding on-demand technology


INDAR - Debonding on demand


Today, adhesives are widely used in all industrial sectors, and more and more performant to avoid debonding during service life, even under the most extreme conditions.

With the increasing regulatory pressure and struggle to limit climate change, our industrial partners are more and more willing to work on the design of their products and foster higher reuse or recycling at the end of life.


INDAR primer allows to create products that can be easily recycled or repaired :

1 – It cans be integrated during the conception of the products with most adhesives (structural or not), like any adhesion primer.

2 – At the end of life, INDAR primer can be thermally activated on demand, to debond easily with a very low residual strength.

3 – Primer residues after activation are very easy to clean, to allow reuse, recycling or repair of the debonded parts.


Our debonding experts can help you to create a new generation of your products, to be further repaired or recycled.



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