Environmental testing

Recoll performs environmental tests on materials, equipment, electrical, electronic, electro-technical components on the basis of national and international standards.
We accompany our customers in their qualifying phases products destined primarily for the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors.

Climate, fluid and UV ageing
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With a machine park of 20 climate and UV speakers ranging from 200 L to 16 M3, our department of climatic tests allows to simulate all the constraints that can meet your equipments.
These tests may be combined during safety tests with fluids (cleaning products, kerosene, hydraulic fluids…) as required by the qualification tests. (e.g. RTCA DO 160G Section 11: Susceptibility to fluids). Our ATEX loudspeakers also allow for the use of temperature testing campaigns with flammable contaminants.

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The Recoll environmental testing laboratory is equipped with vibrators for simulating various vibratory environments in order to meet the normative requirements or specifications imposed, and to check the endurance of the equipment subject to severe constraints. These tests can also be coupled with climatic ageing, CND, mechanical analysis…

Environment Types: Sinus, random, mixed modes, shocks, SRC, fall, transport…

  • Force up to 60kN, 3-inch DC movement, 2m. S-1 speed
  • Tables: 1000mmx1000mm for heavy loads (> 1, 5T) and 600mmx600mm for high accelerations (> 50g)
  • 24 Ways of measuring: accelerometers, laser vibrometer, image correlation, gauges, laser and video Extensometer, LVDT…

Example of standards: RTCA DO160G, MILSTD810, NF-en-CEI60068-2-6, NF-en-CEI60068-2-34, DIN EN60068-2-47, ASTM D 4728

Reliability-HALT & HASS Trials
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Recoll offers you the technical solution so that your electronic systems are at the forefront of their efficiency by the management of accelerated tests, of the predictable, demonstrative and operational reliability.

With our HALT & HASS testing Department and our expertise, we offer a unique solution for your products to be more reliable, more efficient, more robust, while anticipating warranty costs.

Main services proposed

  • Management of aggravated trials: HALT (highly accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (highly accelerated Stress screening): Preparation of test plans, implementation, follow-up and synthesis of results.
  • Management predictive, demonstrative and operational reliability.
  • A pre-site study is proposed to fully identify your need and identify with you the strategic directions that will reliable your products.
  • Our experts are at your service for consulting services in order to accompany you in the setting up of studies of ageing, training, tests of reliability, debugging…

We offer you custom missions in terms of duration and the degree of autonomy you want.

Unique Expertise of Recoll: Thermo-mechanical and chemical Analyses applied to electronic components and systems.

In the case of product failures or analyses, Recoll performs chemical and thermo-mechanical analyses in order to qualify the electronic cards or their components.

Examples of cases:

  • Organic pollution research on plastic casing,
  • Research and characterization of anions, halides, cations and weak acids by ion chromatography according to IPC TM650 2.3.28 b
  • ROHS Compliance Confirmation
  • Critical temperature caused by a strong alteration of an electronic system
  • Verification of thermal properties of 2 electronic cards from 2 suppliers
  • Checking the electrolyte composition of a capacitor
  • Analysis of a gel contained in 1 power module

Do not hesitate to share with us your problems so that you can master your technology perfectly and analyze the causes in failures.

Corrosion Know +

Recoll performs salt and cyclic corrosion tests for the purpose of predicting and verifying the life of materials and their surface coatings.

Our Ascott speakers allow us to carry out a large number of test methods NSS, ECC1.. According to European and International standards: NF EN ISO 9227, ASTM B 117, ASTM G85…

These tests are qualified by AIRBUS (No. 296664).

Our R&D department is able to offer you an accompaniment on the choice of corrosion inhibitors or to formulate a protective coating in connection with your specifications.

For the evaluation of coatings, we propose corrosimétriques follow-ups, the establishment of Tafel curves and the testing of barrier properties with our potentiostat coupled with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

In order to qualify the coatings, we also implement the following tests:

  • Thickness tests by profilometry,
  • Adhesion tests (ISO 2409),
  • Scratch resistance (ISO 1518),
  • Adhesion (ISO 1519),
  • Water resistance (ISO 2812),
  • Moisture resistance (ISO 6270),
  • Corrosion…