Characterization of coatings, paints, varnishes,… and surfaces

Recoll performs characterization of coatings, varnishes, paints or surface properties of massive materials. Our know-how in this field also allows us to accompany our clients through the services of expertise and training.

Surface characterizations
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  • Roughness measurement by Profilometry
  • 3d Mapping (mapping) of surface reliefs (from 10 nm to 1 mm) by profilometry
  • Measurement of surface energy, contact angle (static or dynamic) or wettability of a surface to a liquid using a goniometer
  • Measuring the thickness of coatings, paints, varnishes,… by Profilométie

Mechanical properties of massive coatings or materials
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  • Pencil Hardness Wolff-Wilborn (ISO standard 15184)
  • Nanoindentation: Measurement of indentation hardness and elastic modulus of a material
  • Nanoscratch: Resistance to scratch of an instrumented tip, normal load causing damage
  • Scratch Resistance: constant or variable load resistance test (ISO 1518 standard)
  • Characterization of tribological properties (dry, lubricated or liquid): measurement of friction coefficient, wear measurement
  • Wear resistance: Linear Taber abraser (dry or wet) or circular (ISO standard 5470-1)
  • Hardness Personal (ISO standard 1522, ASTM D4366)

Characterization of adhesion of coatings, paints and varnishes on substrates
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  • Grid test (ISO 2409 standard)
  • Bending test on cylindrical mandrel: characterization of the elongation and adhesion suitability of a bending stress coating (ISO standard 1519)

Characterization of the anti-corrosion properties of a coating using a potentiostat
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  • Linear polarization: Tafel curves, corrosion potential, corrosion current density, Tafel coefficients
  • Corrosimétrie: Evolution Polarization resistance
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy: barrier properties, corrosion resistance

Optical characterization
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  • Measurement of Haze (veil), clarity, transmittance and total reflection of materials
  • Brightness measurement for all types of surfaces (ASTM D523, D2457 and ISO 2813 standards)
  • Spectrocolorimétrie: Determines the color and colorimetric properties of a material (color differences between colors, grayscale, L * A * b coordinates, hue, brightness, etc.)