Testing structures and endurance

Recoll has the means for the environmental tests on the following prototypes or finished products:

Tests Statiquesen know +

2 Static Test benches:

  • 1 bench, 30t capacity
  • 1 bench, 10t capacity

Unique aeronautical tests in France:

  • Static tests on aeronautical furniture (seat, furniture, galleys)
  • Static tests on sails, recognition of the DGAC. (E-Fan, Cap 10b, MCR 4s)

Possible adaptability of the benches on all types of samples after feasibility study:

  • Bumper Tests
  • Tests on concrete walls with integrated formwork
  • Testing on carbon satellite

Bench 30t:

Test Bench 30 tons, test structures

  • 3 Cylinders, 30t capacity
  • 2 horizontal cylinders, stroke 1m
  • 1 Vertical cylinder, stroke 50 cm
  • Enslavement in position and/or effort
  • Maximum speed: 8mm/s
  • Floor Dimensions: 7, 4m x 6, 4m
  • Marble at the center of the 3m x 3m Bench
  • Height under vertical cylinder: 2, 8m to 3, 3m
  • Possibility to attach themselves outside of the marble, necessary adaptation tools
  • Ability to synchronize multiple cylinders

Fatigue tests know +

Fatigue tests are tailor-made according to your prototype or finished product:

  • Design/adaptation of test benches
  • 1 slave Cylinder with capacity 2t
  • Stroke: 30cm
  • Max speed: 150 mm/s
  • Max frequency: 2Hz
  • Enslavement in effort or position
  • Possibility of having an automated crack detection system

Tests of Endurancen know +

Endurance testing allows you to accelerate the use of a product over its lifetime.

  • 2 to 3 Modular test benches (L x W x H = 2m x 1, 5m x 2m)
  • A fleet of about fifteen pneumatic cylinders (races 5 to 50 cm)
  • 2 strain-actuated pneumatic cylinders (up to 300 kg)

2 systems for managing cylinders:

  • A programmable plc with tracking the number of cycles (and the ability to add specific systems to monitor the efforts)
  • A pilot bay for bonded cylinders with programmable acquisitions