Valuing and promoting innovative eco-technologies

Recognized throughout Europe, this new European device enables vendors and developers of environmentally-friendly eco-technologies to have a performance claim verified, and to communicate on it through the declaration of ETV check.

What is the ETV? Learn more

  • Carried out by an independent third party, named Auditor, recognised by the public authorities, accredited ISO 17020, and following a well-defined protocol.
  • The audit body determines the veracity of the claims through appropriate testing.
  • A verification statement containing the ETV logo is issued and shows that the claims are credible and reliable.
  • The claims are transcribed in terms of encrypted performance parameters.

Interests and benefits of ETVen know +

  • Disseminate credible and reliable data verified by an independent third party
  • Simplify the adoption of innovation
  • Convincing and gaining the confidence of the first buyers
  • facilitate access to European and international markets
  • Facilitate discussions with funders and insurers. Reduce the risk of financers, insurers and buyers

Examples of eco-technologies in our field of application: materials, waste and resources know more

  • Recycling of waste or production scrap in secondary raw material
  • Technique of separation and sorting of solid waste (polymers, metals, materials in mixtures, batteries…), recovery of the material;
  • Technology for the treatment of waste or materials;
  • Products made from biomass.

What are the criteria for my technology to be verified? Learn more

  • Within the scope of the ETV
  • In the field of technical application of Recoll: "Materials, waste and resources"
  • Ready to be marketed
  • Eco-Innovative

Why Choose Recoll? Learn more

Recoll accompanies you throughout the verification process and advises you.

Recoll is also experienced in the accompaniment of SMEs, in the valorisation of innovation as well as in the installation of financial aid dossier.

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