Presentation of the group

The Recoll group is composed of the recoll companies and its subsidiaries Recoll manufacturing and stile-chemistry.

Recoll is an industrial, private and independent research company specialising in technological innovation. Since the year 2000, it has exercised its competence in the realization of technical studies and services of characterization of materials in fields of activities ranging from aeronautics to medical and energy to building. Recoll has 2 sites in the new Aquitaine, in Pessac and Rochefort.

Recoll Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Recoll, specialising in the machining of high precision technical parts for mass production or prototyping (turning, milling, filming,…). Its website:

Stile-chemistry is an integrated PMI current 2015 to the Recoll group. It is renamed at European level in the development and manufacture of formulations of dyes, waxes and various preparations in the field of leather for the luxury industry. Its website: