The implementation of a bonding operation is a key step in the manufacture of assembled technical parts.

The Recoll Group through its subsidiary Recoll Manufacturing offers a complete service in this field.

Our teams have recognized experience and international qualifications: EWF 515 (operator), EWF 516 (technician) and EWF 517 (engineer) See Chapter training.

means to know +

  • 3-axis Drop Table
  • Means of deposing by dosage for mono and bi-component glue (UV, epoxy, polyurethane, Silicone)
  • Means of deposing of fusible glue: Thermoplastic and thermosetting
  • 6-axis Robot (KUKA)
  • Surface Activation: Plasma torch (Plasmatreat) & Low Pressure plasma (ISYTECH)
  • Oven of polymerization
  • Autoclave
  • Press