In support of R&D activities and analysis as well as in production, Recoll makes available its means of production in the field of composite materials.

Specialized in thermosetting composites, we accompany our customers, from the preparation of test specimens to the realization of prototypes, in infusion, filament winding, RTM, autoclave and in heating press and have a Cold storage dedicated to pre-impregnated.

Our laboratory is controlled in temperature, humidity and particle levels.

Means of production
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Possible availability

  • Brand DAXEN
  • Useful Dimensions: Ø1000mm, Length 2000mm
  • Pressure up to 15 bar
  • Temperature up to 300 °c, piloting up to 8 thermocouples

Filament Winding Robot

Possible availability

  • Kuka Robot
  • Chuck up to 120kg
  • Realization of winding programmes under CADwind
  • Tension system pour4 coils with rotating head, width of tablecloths from 2 to 8mm per reel
  • Compatible with dry/wet way

Injection Pot

  • Brand Isojet
  • Injectable Volume: 10L
  • Pressure up to 15 bar
  • Temperature up to 200 °c

Hot Press

Possible availability

  • Model Labecon 600
  • Useful Dimensions 400x400mm
  • Strength from 30kN to 600kN
  • Temperature up to 300 °c

Climate enclosure

  • Brand WEISS
  • Dimensions 1500x1100x950mm (1500 L)
  • temperature up to 180 °c (programmable cycles)