Paints and varnishes

Recoll formulates and produces, on its site in PESSAC or through its subsidiary Stile Chemistry, paints and varnishes with high values added.

Sol-Gel Varnish
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Product on shelf.

For more than 12 years, Recoll has been developing products based on Sol-gel chemistry. These products apply as liquid-coated varnishes (spraying, centrifugal force, soak-draw) and allow to obtain coatings bringing to the surfaces various properties such as:

  • Corrosion.
  • Anti-fouling, easy-to-clean or self-cleaning.
  • Primary membership.
  • Anti-abrasion, scratch-resistant, anti-wear (lubricant).
  • Anti-Glare.

Manufacturing/Niche market.

With its expertise in the synthesis of sol-gel materials, Recoll now has a pilot capacity to accompany its partners in the synthesis of materials by Sol-Gel.

Recoll has two double envelope reactors of 20L, an autoclave reactor (40 bars maximum) and additional equipment for the use of these synthetic means (pump of product addition, refrigerant, mixer, temperature sensor,….).

These means can be made available to:

  • The development of synthesis at the industrial scale.
  • The realization of soil-gel synthesis recipe.
  • The realization of prototype.
  • The realization of small series.

A These means of synthesis are backed up:

  • means of implementation allowing the laying of coatings by spraying or dip-coating (dipping-draught) up to dimensions of 4m ² for spraying and size A4 for soaking.
  • The laboratories of analysis of Recoll to make the characterization of varnishes or coatings.

Products for the luxury industry
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Recoll Company via its subsidiary Stile Chemistry offers its customers 3 activities, to which a quality and innovation policy applies:

  • Manufacture of sliced dyes and related products (undercoats, anti-foam, cleaning lotion) for leather goods
  • Manufacture of paints, colouring products, waxes and protective products (waterproofing…)
  • France distributor of Lanxess products for tanning, retanning and finishing of leather

Global recognition for development, manufacturing and distribution worldwide

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Conductive paints and heating paints
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Recoll formulates and produces conductive paints in aqueous phase for heating or deicing applications by Joule effect.

Range of products

  • TXIMIST RC_101: Acrylic paint in conductive aqueous phase.
    Conductivity: 5-15 S/cm; Main application: Building heating
  • TXIMIST RC_111:1k (mono-component) conductive polyurethane paint.
    Conductivity: 5-15 S/cm; Main application: Heated textiles
  • TXIMIST RC_121:2 K Polyurethane Paint (dual component) conductive.
    Conductivity: 5-15 S/cm; Main application: defrosting of structures

In order to be able to offer products integrated to the materials and processes of our customers, all the proposed formulations can be modified in terms of viscosity, conductivity, adhesion and others.