Plastics and 3d printing

The engineers and technicians of the Plastics laboratory of Recoll combine their skills and expertise to understand your problems of formulation and put in the form of thermoplastic materials.

Our know-how and our means allow us to accompany our customers in the framework of the development of the technical thermoplastic polymers, from the formulation to their implementation (sample, batch, 3d printing) for a Industrialization.

Manufacture of functionalized compounds
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Through compounding, the incorporation of loads, additives and reinforcements of all kinds to the polymer matrix gives the material "custom" and specific properties (stiffness, impact resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, UV-Resistance, fireproofing…)

With its two-screw corotative extrusion line 16/40d (~ 1kg/h) that can work up to 450 °c, Recoll is able to provide reliable data captured during the extrusion process and manufacture small series.

  • Manufacture of dissipative conductive compounds
  • Manufacture of fireproof compounds
  • Manufacture of thermal conductive compounds
  • Mechanical reinforcement
  • UV outfit, oxidation

Manufacture of filament coils
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Screw Extrusion Line (~ 10kg/h) that can work up to 450 °c. Production of filament (1.75 or 2.85 mm in diameter); Tracking of traceability of raw materials, supply of a technical print sheet.

Yarn of virgin Polymers:

  • Abs
  • Pla
  • Hoses: TPU
  • Polyamides
  • Polycarbonates
  • Pei

Son functionalized:

  • Load range: Carbon black, graphite, hydroxyapatite, TCP Bioglass
  • Fibre range: Short carbon and glass fibres

Recycled yarn

Manufacture of functionalized plates/films
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Line screw 10kg/h – 3-reel Grille

  • Manufacture of dissipative conductive films

Injection of test specimens
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 2 injecting presses capable of injecting at 400 °c

  • Standardized tubes for bending, shock and DMA tests
  • Tubes 1BA (Tensile tests)

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Recoll is committed to sustainable development by working on the valorisation of thermoplastic materials and accompanies you in your recycling problems thanks to our means of grinding, extrusion and granulation.

  • Manufacture of recycled compounds from injection falls

3d printing
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Means & Services

  • Printer 3ntR-A4V3
  • "Printability" Study of a material
  • Functional prototype Validation
  • Validation of the prototype design

Filament Production

  • Production of filament (1.75 or 2, 85mm in diameter). Traceability of the raw materials supply of a technical print sheet
  • Range of materials: PLA, ABS, PC, PEI, PEEK,
  • Load range: Carbon black,, graphite, hydroxyapatite, TCP Bioglass
  • Fibre range: Short carbon fibres

Printing "test Pieces"

Functional Validation of the performance and study of the Impact impression on the properties of the material. Several types of test specimens available:

  • Tubes shock
  • Graduated traction
  • Graduated bending

Printing complex Parts

Parts printing up to 25 * 15 * 15 cm format.

  • Study or design Validation of a prototype