Functional Coatings

Our expertise

  • Corrosion
  • Anti-Fouling
  • Pre-bonding treatments
  • Heating Paints
  • Electrical and Thermal conductive coatings
  • Antiseptic and healing Coating
  • Materials obtained by Sol-Gel

Our offer

  • Custom Formulation
  • Technical Support and process development
    > Benchmark and selection of coatings
    > process audits, training
    > process development and qualification surface treatments
  • Prototype and series manufacturing

Examples of accomplishments

  • Anti-corrosion coating obtained by Sol-Gel protecting aluminium 2024 T3 for more than 3000h with salt mist (ISO 9227).
  • Fire Protection of materials using intumescent paint allowing heat transfer by conduction via the creation of a carbon tank.
  • Easy-to-clean, clear anti-fouling coating limiting the presence of dirt.