Collage: Materials and processes

Our expertise

  • Gluing methods
  • Demountability
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Design and calculation of bonded joints
  • Treatment of Reach obsolescences. ITAR Free Products
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Fire resistance

Our offer

  • Custom Formulation
  • Technical Support and process development
  • Benchmark and selection of adhesive solutions
  • Bonded Assembly Design
  • Process audits, training
  • Development and qualification of gluing process
  • Prototype and series manufacturing

Examples of accomplishments

  • Development of a structural adhesive for application medical devices
  • Development of a removable structural adhesive for the ground tests of the Toru GAIA
  • Study of the effect of loads on model formulations (block copolymers in epoxy, inorganic loads in MS mastics)
  • Development of a collage solution for photovoltaic cells
  • Production of controlled-adhesion specimens for the qualification of industrial-scale CND processes
  • Development of a repair system for FPSO (market Oil & Gas) based on a hybrid composite-metal reinforcement system cold-applied
  • Development of an integrated bonding process in a mobile assembly unit for reflector and receptors of Fresnel mirror thermodynamic solar power plants
  • Development of a solution for repair of the APS system of the Metropolitan Bordeaux (Research solution collage, qualification, audit process and training)