Conductive Polymers

Our expertise

  • Heated paint and Dégivrantes
  • Conductive Paints
  • Anti-static materials

Our offer

  • Custom Formulation (Paint, thermoplastic and thermosetting resins, inks)
  • Prototype and series manufacturing (from 100g to several tons)

Examples of accomplishments

  • Very low-voltage Joule-effect heating conductive paint formulations: 24 or 48 V. Applications: Heating for the building industry. Integration of the heating paint into a layer of floors, walls, ceilings.
  • Formulations of heating paints by Joule effect.  Applications: defrosting or anti-icing of leading edge for the wind or aeronautical industry.
  • Development of a high performance thermoplastic compound (PAEK) electric and thermal conductor for aeronautical application