Polymers for medical Devices

Our expertise

  • Additive manufacture by FDM (manufacture of yarns in a manner; prototyping of implants or surgical models)
  • Formulation and implementation of tissue engineering products by electrospinning
  • Functionalization polymeric and metal substrates (titanium)
  • Surgical Adhesives
  • Absorbable and non-absorbable composite materials

Our offer

  • Custom Formulation (composite materials, adhesives, wire for 3d printing)
  • Functionalization to measure
  • Technical Support Development Medical devices
  • Characterizations

Examples of accomplishments

  • Development of a surface functionalization to increase cell colonization for tissue engineering product
    Grafting of surface-specific peptides of polymeric devices implemented by electrospinning
  • Development of absorbable Polymer/bioactive load composite formulations with a gradient of properties
    Optimization of formulations and extrusion parameters to limit the reactivity between load and matrix during implementation
  • Development of a patch for tissue regeneration after colorectal surgery
    Formulation and implementation of a natural polymer-based patch with good adhesion in the wet environment