Aeronautics has always been a promising sector of activity for research, qualification but also monitoring of the quality of materials.

Recoll by its initial implementation in Bordeaux has dealt with many topics aimed at advancing new technologies to improve the performance of products "that fly" for its customers.

The improvement of properties, the functionalization of materials, weight gain, life expectancy, robustness and reliability, respect for the environment and Customs Regulations (ITAR), the fair compromise between cost and performance for A material,… Are all themes that each year nurture new development projects in the aerospace sector.

In order to be able to verify and compare the gains made by these new developments, it is necessary to carry out testing and characterisation campaigns according to precise and international benchmarks or standards under a demanding QMS.

To engage with its clients with the right levels of delivery, Recoll has been accredited according to recognised repositories: NADCAP, ISO 17-025 and has been qualified by the largest customers of AIRBUS, SAFRAN, GENERAL ELECTRIC,…

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Recoll is committed to internal R&D, through collaborative projects (regional, national and European) and services (B2B) for the customers of the aeronautical sector to bring to the materials and products all the benefits of innovations Developed. Recoll works on improving the performance of mature technologies (TRL 4 or 5) to achieve a short-term industrial operation. The research axes developed at Recoll are:

  • Mass gain with high-performance mechanical materials: Composites
  • Lifetime with innovative functional coatings: Anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion, anti-fouling
  • The fire-keeping of materials: integration of new materials into the interior of the cabin, enhancing passenger safety
  • Compliance with new regulations and environmental requirements: management of material obsolescence, ITAR Free materials, Environmental impact assessment (LCA, ETV)

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The aerospace sector is one of the areas where control culture is very present at all levels: raw materials, manufacturing, and operations. The term qualification is essential for an aircraft to be allowed to fly and carry passengers.

Recoll as a recognized testing laboratory participates in this chain of control and qualification of materials. All Recoll's analytical services are subject to operating procedures registered in our QMS. A large part of the analyses carried out according to these procedures are also subject to qualifications by the external control bodies (COFRAC and NADCAP) or by the major donors of the aeronautical sector (AIRBUS, SAFRAN,…). These accreditations and qualifications are the subject of frequent audits by internal and external audits.

The analyses are described in detail in the "Tests" tab, below are listed some specific tests for this sector:

Health Control raw Material:

  • Kinetics of polymerization by DSC
  • Checking the glass transition temperature by DMA
  • Check for tensile strength compression or mechanical shearing
  • Flammability Test, smoke density and toxicity, heat output
  • Analysis of chemical composition by chromatography (HPLC, GPC)
  • Ageing tests (climatic enclosure, salt fog) or exposure to fluids following DO 160 (Skydroll, kerosene, oils)
  • Safety Tests on metallic materials (hot corrosion, hydrogen weakening)
  • Hardness tests on materials and micrographs of metallic materials

Product and manufacturing process Validation:

  • Rate of polymerization by DSC
  • Porosity rate and fiber rate per FST acid attack
  • Verification of tensile strength (TAI, FHT) compression (CAI, FHC) or mechanical shear (they, CIL),

Systems Qualification:

  • Mechanical outfit on test Bench of the complete system on custom-built test benches (cabin furniture, sail, pale engine)
  • Fire Test with kerosene burner (armchairs, bunker floor, motor protection panels)
  • Vibration and temperature Electronic systems Qualification (vibrating pot and HALT HASS)

Recoll designs and manufactures custom tools and test benches according to customers ' requests.