Interior Cabin

Indoor CAB Certification Services and testing laboratory

Recoll, the single partner for simplified certification

Certification Services: Learn more

Recoll brings to the service of its customers its expertise in aeronautical cabin interior certification. In collaboration with your design teams, we offer you an accompaniment of your proposed modification, from its genesis until its approval by the authorities. Our skills allow us to identify in advance the possible risks associated with the design and to propose you from the first reading of the alternatives allowing you to save time and money. The benefits proposed by Recoll:

  • Easa Form 1
  • Minor Change Approval
  • Major/Change/STC approval
  • Program Certification
  • Test plan (Flammability, Mechanical, Static, Dynamic, Environmental testing….)
  • ETSO and/or TSO approval

We can also make available to your teams our experience in design and sizing (modeling of finite elements by ABAQUS), in order to create the synergy necessary to the success of your project in record time.

Test Lab: Learn More

Recoll is the private laboratory dedicated to the most important "interior cabin" tests in Europe. In fact, the expertise of recoll in the fields of fire, static, dynamic and environmental tests allows us to propose a wide range of tests necessary for the certification of products of interior fittings and cabin equipment.

Thanks to our approvals (AIRBUS qualification, DASSAULT AVIATION qualification, GULFSTREAM qualification, NADCAP accreditation, etc.), Recoll advises you and accompanies you when carrying out the tests according to the regulations in force (FAR 25, CS 25 , ABD0031, DO160, etc.).

  • Fire tests next FAR/CS 25. 853 and ABD0031
  • Static tests next FAR 25/JAR 25
  • Dynamic tests: Shock, endurance, fatigue
  • Mechanical tests according to ASTM/EN
  • Environmental tests next ATCM do-160, ABD100, MIL STD810