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ADDITOOL : RESCOLL presentation on surface functionalization by Cold Spray

Rescoll’Blog / 2 décembre 2022

ADDITOOL is an European project that aims to disseminate and transfer additive manufacturing technologies as an essential facilitating technology of advanced manufacturing, for the manufacture of metal components in the industrial sector of the tooling for an intelligent and sustainable growth of the industry using different Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM) technologies, helping the SMEs involved to acquire new skills in mentioned processes.

ADDITOOL consortium is organizing an event to share the most important findings and learnt lessons with the industry. The METAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING CONFERENCE will be held in the beautiful city of San Sebastian the next 9th of February 2023.

During this day, RESCOLL will present the applications in the functionalization of surfaces of the « Cold Spay » technology of kinetic projection of cold powders.

To know more about RESCOLL’s know-how in this field, download the documentation: RESCOLL_COLD_GAS_SPRAY_ENG

To contact the activity leader: vincent.perin@rescoll.fr

For more information on the ADDITOOL day: ADDITOOL_program