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Air & Cosmos: "Recoll diversifies"

Rescoll’Blog / 23 février 2018

The newspaper "Air & Cosmos" has just published an interesting article on the diversification approach that has been leading for a number of years.

Indeed, since its birth and certainly because of its geographical location, Recoll has essentially been carried by the field "aeronautics/space/defence". Given its position centered in composite materials, Recoll has benefited from the launch of the A350, both on the activities of R&D on new materials that, being laboratory qualified by Airbus, on the test (mechanical, themo-Mechanics, Physico-Chemical,…) Products from the production of the different subcontractors.

The demand was such that Airbus had to qualify a large number (too many) of laboratories to cope with the increase in cadences.

However, as composite productions are increasingly reliable and robust and product characterization is considered an activity weighing on the price of these, the number of tests has fallen sharply in recent years.

A too abundant supply coupled with a decrease in needs had as an automatic effect a decrease in the prices of the tests and therefore the margin for the laboratories. The poor results of laboratories focused exclusively on the aerospace industry motivated the movements we have been able to witness in recent times.

In order not to depend too much on the aeronautical field, Recoll has made the choice to diversify in other areas requesting innovative materials and can appreciate the added value that we could bring. The materials implantable for the medical field and the innovative materials with high performance for the field of new energies were the 2 choices made.

This is how the year 2017 was a very good year for Recoll, which will allow us to continue the investments and continue our development. To read the article from "Air and Cosmos", click on the image below: