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Despite the health crisis, RESCOLL continues its development

Rescoll’Blog / 3 septembre 2020

With 16.7% growth of its turnover for the year 2019, after two consecutive years with >10% annual growth, RESCOLL has concretized its strategic development approach based on the diversification of its industrial sectors of action but also in the differentiation of its activities, the widening of the TRL of its services and the search for recurrence.
This approach has also had the effect of a very slight impact, on our global turnover in 2020, of the economic crisis resulting from the health crisis linked to COVID-19.
Indeed, even if our activities in the civil aeronautics sector are experiencing a relatively significant decline, revenues from our other business sectors (space-defense, medical, energy, industry, etc.) manage to compensate for this decline, or even exceed it.
Thus the global turnover of our activities for this first half of 2020 is up 7% compared to the same period of the previous year.
This demonstrates the relevance of the strategic choices made a few years ago and proves the solidity and durability of our company.
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