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ETV : New verifications by RESCOLL, issued for four bio-based compounds

Rescoll’Blog / 17 novembre 2017

Currently, a technology that performs well above normal standards or that presents an innovative approach to solve an environmental problem can face difficulties in penetrating the market due to lack of independent and credible evidence of its advantages. On the other hand, technology purchasers or investors committed to finding the best solution for their situation are often faced with non-comparable, incomplete or non-trustworthy performance information when assessing the available choices on the market.

The concept of the Environmental Technology Verification programme is to offer a verification procedure to cutting edge environmental technologies that may otherwise find it difficult to establish their environmental added value. The verification procedure allows for an independent assessment and validation of the manufacturer’s claims on the performance and environmental benefits of their technology. The information produced by the verification is public and can be used to compare performance parameters and therefore becomes an extremely useful tool to convince third-parties of the merits of a technology, potentially enhancing its market value and acceptance.

Recently Verified Technologies

Four bio-based compounds developed by FuturaMat (AU-LXX-06, BioFibra® BF-LED-10, BioMine® BM-LMI-03, and PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04) have been verified by the French Verification Body, RESCOLL. The performance parameters verified were the bio-based carbon content of the formulations and the mass percentage of hazardous substances, as included in REACH Annex XIV or the Candidate list. The verifications were done in the area of ‘Materials, Waste and Resources’.

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