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FEICA 2022 : Don’t miss RESCOLL talk on Debonding on Demand

Rescoll’Blog / 15 septembre 2022


On Friday Sept 16th, during the break-out sessions, RESCOLL will have the great opportunity to give a talk on debonding on demand  for circularity and focus on its new patented debonding primer. This presentation will give an overview of the technology along with some info on use cases and collaborations with industrial partners. RESCOLL’s debonding primer (INDAR primer) is a new solution for the easy debonding on demand of bonded dissimilar materials, that can be used on different substrates with numerous adhesives chemistries, for repair and end of life scenarios.



FEICA is proud to announce the 2022 European Adhesive and Sealant Conference & EXPO, set in the Grand Elysée Hotel, Hamburg, Germany, from 14-16 September 2022.

Once again, FEICA is welcoming 600+ industry leaders to discuss market drivers and trends, innovation, sustainability and technological advancements. The FEICA Conference and EXPO is firmly established as the premier event for the adhesive and sealant industry, providing essential insights into the key issues affecting the industry and great networking opportunities for formulators, customers and suppliers.

This Conference and EXPO is of great importance as it will be a celebration of 50 years FEICA.

The break-out sessions at the 2022 Conference will cover a range of topics such as innovation, market trends, technological breakthroughs, research & development, new product and market applications, raw materials, new equipment technology, Circular Economy, and regulatory impact on the industry.


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