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First protoype from the European project COALINE with RESCOLL participation

Rescoll’Blog / 16 mars 2017


COALINE Alke' E-vehicles - cargo bed assembly

The video (ALKE copyright) shows the prototype assembly of an E-vehicle cargo bed made by composite profiles delivered by the innovative COALINE process

Result is a much lighter body to optimize the vehicle energy consumption with equivalent mechanical performance of traditional steel made chassis. Parts of the new assembly can be reparable thanks to the debonding properties of such profiles.

COALINE will develop a in-line clean one-stage process, which is free of VOCs and small particles emissions, able to produce properly coated composite pultruded profiles by means of the development of the sensing technology, advanced mould design and microwave aided curing needed to foster an improved composite – coating adhesion with a reduced labor and process cost. COALINE profiles will be joined to other materials by means of a primer type coating, incorporated also in-line, with bonding on-demand properties.

Rescoll developed an adhesive primer and glue for this ALKE demonstrator.

The COALINE partnership is composed by 12 organizations from 7 European Union countries:

Feel free to contact Maxime OLIVE or go to COALINE website for more information about this project.

(This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [609149].)