RESCOLL offers innocuous testing on maintenance chemicals for aircrafts

Rescoll’Blog / 2 novembre 2020

RESCOLL accompanies you in the qualification of your products and allows you to guarantee their conformity and safety (safety tests) through the innocuousness tests on materials (litt.: which is harmless towards metallic materials).

RESCOLL offers these tests for various aeronautic and space applications, where they allow to determine the corrosive impact of products such as cutting oils, adhesive tapes, degreasers, etc…..

These products are tested on different materials (inconel, stainless steels, but also composites …) and under different constraints (thermal, mechanical, etc…).

Trials offered:

  • Corrosion under mechanical stress
  • Corrosion in thermal environment
  • Intergranular attack
  • Hydrogen fragmentation

Safran safety:

Pr-6300 (Safran Qualification)
Pr-1500 (Safran Qualification)
DMP12-300 (Safran qualification)
PCS4001f ed. 2 (MDB Qualification)
ASTM F2111

Airbus Safety,  AIMS-12-10-003 Metallic materials & AIMS-12-10-004 Fibers reinforced plastics :

Adhesive. Observation micro + Single lap shear.

Shim. Observation micro.

Shore hardness (Type A durometer in accordance with ISO 7619-1).




Debonding test (AITM2-0013).

ILSS and IPSS (EN2563 + AITM 1-0002). Rescoll is Airbus qualified on EN 2563.

Visual inspection AIPS09-01-002 (non-aqueous) and AIPS09-01-003 (aqueous).

In the metal and composite fields, RESCOLL has COFRAC and NADACAP accreditations and customer qualifications in the aeronautical sector (AIRBUS, SAFRAN, GE). Safety tests, metallographic analyses, as well as mechanical and fatigue tests on metallic materials can also concern other sectors such as medical, energy, railway, naval, etc…

Contacts: commercial@rescoll.fr or fabien.lorenzi@rescoll.fr