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Metallic materials : RESCOLL offers material health & characterization

Rescoll’Blog / 2 novembre 2020

RESCOLL, NADCAP Lab for metallic (and non-metallic) materials offers micro and metallographic analyses including:

  • Means of cutting and collecting samples,
  • Micrographic Cut preparation line, polishing, acid attack,
  • High Definition digital camera,
  • Optical Microscope and image analysis software,
  • Calcining Furnace,
  • Micro durometer Vickers and Brinell,
  • Electronic scanning Microscope (SEM) equipped with EDX,
  • Expertise on breakage of parts (fractography)

The services meet the demands of the customers :

  • Reception controls of the raw materials,
  • Production controls
  • Projects in development.


Rescoll has customers qualifications in the aeronautical sector (AIRBUS, SAFRAN, GE), but is also equiped to work on micro and metallographic analyses in other sectors of activity such as medical, energy, railroad, naval, etc.


Test ListStandardsQualification
Neutral Salt spray (NSS)ISO 9227NADCAP, ISO 17025
Vickers microhardnessISO 4516
and ASTM E384
 ISO 17025
Brinell Hardness
Determination of the depth of carburizingISO 2639Airbus
Observation with Macrographique optical microscope and micrographicAirbus
Determination of inclusion rateASTM E45Airbus
 Determination of inclusion rateASTM E45 Airbus
Thickness measurement by eddy currents with magnetic probeISO 2360 Airbus
Grain sizesISO 643
and ASTM E112
 ISO 17025
Inclusion rateASTM E45Airbus
Measuring thickness and nature of coatingsISO 1463Airbus
Chemical composition control by SEM EDX – –
Hydrogen weakeningASTM F519Safran
Projected repository reviews (APVS) –Safran
Metals-corrosion, stress corrosionSafran