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NEW: The painting spray robot is already installed at Rescoll

Rescoll’Blog / 7 juin 2019

We are pleased that the “ready2spray” robot of Dürr is successfully used at RESCOLL to test new technologies in the aerospace industry!

The painting spray robot features components for 1K and 2K, high and low pressure, water and solvent-based paint. As such it’s the perfect choice for electrostatic and other applications. The harmonious ensemble of robot and high-speed rotary atomizers demonstrates impressive repeatability and path accuracy. The paint can be charged with high voltage, enabling transfer efficiency rates of up to 90%. Maintenance is kept to a minimum thanks to the modular design and lifetime lubrication.

The painting spray robot is used for automatic coating with electrostatic high-speed rotary atomizers and air atomizers. It can work with all common water or solvent-based paint. With their fast acceleration and deceleration ramps, they also satisfy demanding cycle time requirements. The hose and application technology is integrated in the robot arm, guaranteeing minimal color change losses, short purging times, and low contamination.

Learn more about the “ready2spray” robot: http://bit.ly/2KtEDWW

For more info: florent.deliane@rescoll.fr

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