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Online short course by Maxime OLIVE (RESCOLL) : "Debonding on Demand Structural Adhesives: Strategies & Future Opportunities"

Rescoll'Blog / 27 septembre 2012

Debonding on Demand Structural Adhesives: Strategies & Future Opportunities is a 90-min online short course by Dr. Maxime Olive

Get a head start on debonding on demand structural adhesives with a comprehensive mapping of existing technologies, their pros & cons as well as unmet needs and future trends.

In the light of end-of-life regulation and eco-design, Maxime Olive will guide you to implement the right debonding strategy depending on your application: automotive, E&E, defense, aerospace, machinery… With end of life vehicle legislation and growing pressure to disassemble or recycle in E&E, transportation…, debonding structural adhesives has recently become a key challenge that will keep growing in the up-coming years.

By attending this online course, you will be able to address the following questions:   Who needs debonding on command? For which applications?   What are current techniques to debond standard adhesives (mechanical action, UV, heat…)?   What are the specific requirements of debondable adhesives?   Which technologies already exist on the market? What are their advantages? What needs to be improved?   What are the future trends in the light of regulations and environmental concerns?

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