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POWERSTEP project to verify two of its key technologies by RESCOLL and ETA

Rescoll’Blog / 19 janvier 2017

POWERSTEP, an EU flagship project on energy-positive wastewater treatment in the H2020 programme, will begin to verify the performance of two of its key technologies under the EU ETV Pilot Programme.

Industrial partners Veolia Water Technologies and Electrochaea are convinced that the ETV verification will help them to improve market access of their innovative processes. After successfully checking their technologies’ eligibility for ETV in the quick scan, partners are setting up the verification protocols together with the ETV Verification Bodies in France (RESCOLL) and Denmark (ETA Danmark).

‘Our Hydrotech microscreens are a compact, efficient, and sustainable primary treatment technology for municipal wastewaters. We will certify this with the ETV programme and prove it to our customers’, says Carles Pellicer-Nàcher of Veolia Water Technologies. Similarly, Laurent Lardon from Electrochaea underlines that ‘ETV will play a valuable role in promoting our innovative biological methanation technology in the market for Power-To-Gas solutions, demonstrating its performance, robustness and flexibility in operation and illustrating the benefits of implementing the solution within a Wastewater treatment plant or beside a biogas plant’.

Both technologies will be tested in full-scale in the POWERSTEP project at sites in Denmark and Sweden in 2017.

For more information on the two technologies, visit www.powerstep.eu or contact Christian Remy from Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin: Christian.Remy@kompetenz-wasser.de or Claire Michaud from Rescoll : claire.michaud@rescoll.fr

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