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RESCOLL acquires the company KOMETA Technologies

Rescoll’Blog / 30 juin 2021

KOMETA Technologies (http://kometa-technologies.com/),  based in Bayonne (64), is specialized in the metallization of composite and metallic surfaces by the « Cold Spray » and « Arc Spray » technologies.

Cold Spray » is a technique for depositing materials by impact, at the crossroads of thermal spraying and additive manufacturing.

Electric Wire Arc Spray is a thermal process generally used for its excellent ability to produce anti-corrosion coatings as well as for the repair by hardfacing of metal parts.

In addition to the current applications of these technologies for the repair of parts or the protection of materials, RESCOLL wishes by this acquisition to be able to provide innovative technologies allowing the functionalization of surfaces to its industrial customers. Indeed, other anti-corrosion properties, electrical or thermal conductivity, ballistic or anti-radiation shielding, hardening of plastic or composite surfaces, … are all characteristics sought by our customers and the new technologies brought by KOMETA will be able to complete the contributions of the organic or hybrid coatings currently proposed by RESCOLL

The first KOMETA/RESCOLL collaborations with industrialists from several sectors have already started.

For more information: commercial@rescoll.fr

To know more about RESCOLL: www.rescoll.fr