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Rescoll’Blog / 1 février 2020

JEC Innovation Awards celebrate the fruitful cooperation between players of the composite community. Started in 1996, the JEC Innovation Awards have, over the past 24 years, brought in 1,900 companies worldwide. 198 companies and 475 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations. The JEC Innovation Awards reward composites champions, based on criteria such as partner involvement in the value chain, technicality or commercial applications of innovations. Also, the JEC Innovation Awards have built strong partnerships in India with IRCEP, in China with CCE for more than 15 years.

An exciting time for the composites industry

“Innovation is an essential part of this industry – it’s how we invest in our future. The top priorities for players in the composites value chain include product solidity, safety, and durability. That is why the JEC Composites Innovation Awards are more than just an awards ceremony. They are meant to inspire all participants, the whole industry and shed light on the excellent work carried out by the prize winners,” said Franck GLOWACZ, Innovation Content Leader at JEC Group.

RESCOLL and SEAIR presented their collaborative work on Composite foil for motor boats that can be bonded to the engine and debonded-on-command to allow engine maintenance, reuse or upgrade. After a cutting-edge selection process carried out by a prestigious jury, they are proud to be part of the finalists.

After pre-selecting 33 finalists, the jury now has one month to select a winner in each category. The very high-caliber innovations created by talented professionals will then be recognized at the awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony will take place during JEC World 2020 on Wednesday, March 4, at 5 pm, on the Agora stage (Hall 5).

We will be happy to meet you during JEC Show at RESCOLL’s booth. In the meantime, please take some time to vote* for our Innovation on the following link http://innovationawards.jec-world.events

More information : http://www.jeccomposites.com/about-jec/press-releases/jec-composites-innovation-awards-celebrating-excellence-composites-jec

*an online voting process will be held for each category to choose a second-place winner for the general public’s favorite innovations. The public is able to vote online with the following link: http://innovationawards.jec-world.events . Votes will be opened on February 1st.