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RESCOLL and SEAIR present a new design for disassembly of bonded composite foils

Rescoll’Blog / 4 février 2020

Rescoll has developed and patented a technology, called INDAR INSIDE®, which offers a simple and efficient solution to the disassembling of structural bonds. Based on the use of specifically formulated adhesives and primers, triggered by heat at a certain temperature, this technology drastically reduces the dismantling time and fulfils the main characteristics required by this application, like no major change in processing (implementation, curing conditions, …) and no or slight modification of the mechanical properties of the bonded assembly. with easy to clean substrates after debonding.

Activation temperature range for debonding is between 100 and 200°C.

INDAR solutions are already available as :

  • Adhesives :
    • 2K epoxy
    • On demand for PU, Methacrylates,…
  • Primers suitable for all kind of adhesives


Design for disassembly of bonded composite foils

SEAIR and RESCOLL developed a reversible bonded assembly of the rear balancing foil to adress customers’ request for the installation to be reversible to allow the resale of the engine, its maintenance or upgrade.

The tests carried out by SEAir on prototypes are very conclusive. The debonding step does not require sophisticated equipment (heated silicone patches) and occurs in a few minutes with easy to clean surfaces.

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