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RESCOLL invited as speaker to ESA 3rd workshop on REACH regulation and its impact on space sector

Rescoll’Blog / 21 octobre 2019

On October 16th, ESA organized for the 3rd year a workshop on the REACH regulation and its impact on space sector with focus on space transportation. The event was held at European Space Agency ESA Headquarters Daumnesil in Paris.

The constant evolution of REACH regulation for the benefit of human health and to further protect the Earth environment makes us to evaluate its impact on the ongoing Space Transportation activities and beyond, The workshop addressed the risks and challenges for ongoing space activities, how space industry has integrated this regulation in ongoing space activities but also from the start of future space programmes. This workshop was also the opportunity to present the latest work on promising alternatives in space industry, space agencies, research institutes.

As last year, the workshop opened the discussion to a non-space sector: the industry of Aeronautics. The exchange of views added to the debate on REACH management in each sector highlighting the differences but also the similarities.

 Different speakers from agencies and European industry shared their view to these questions:

  • What is the Present status of REACH regulation evolution from last workshop
  • What are the latest REACH regulations impacting space sector?
  • How space sector is adapting to this increasing European regulation and what are the present challenges?
  • How other sectors are managing this regulation in their specific domain?
  • How REACH regulation will evolve in the future?
  • How space sector takes this opportunity for innovating in new technologies?
  • How European industry is preparing for Brexit depending on scenarios?

RESCOLL presented its work on REACH compliant adhesives and coatings.

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