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RESCOLL is a partner in the DECOAT H2020 European project

Rescoll’Blog / 22 février 2019

Tha aim of DECOAT is recycling of coated and painted textile and plastic materials

The main goal of DECOAT is to enable circular use of textiles and plastic parts with (multilayer) ‘coatings’, which are typically not recyclable yet. These ‘coatings’ comprise functional and performance coatings and paints as well as adhesion layers. Therefore, novel triggerable smart polymer material systems and the corresponding recycling processes will be developed. The triggerable solutions will be based on smart additives (like microcapsules or microwave triggered additives) for the ‘coating’ formulations that will be activated by a specific trigger (heat,humidity, microwave, chemical).

A continuous recycling pilot plant will demonstrate the novel DECOAT principle that allows upgrading existing mechanical recycling by adding tools for sorting by and activation of the trigger. The optimal use of the Creasolv® process for recycling of coated parts will be assessed. The focus is on recycling of the bulk material, but re-use of the coatings materials themselves will also be tackled. Using these recycling processes, circular use of demo cases for outdoor gear, household electronics and automotive parts will be validated.

The DECOAT consortium consists of the 17 partners, among witch CENTEXBEL, FRAUNHOFER, MERCEDES BENZ, PANASONIC, MAIER,…. and RESCOLL.

RESCOLL will provide the consortium with its experience in the dismantling of bonded assemblies (INDAR process) and its declination on paints and coatings (FOURMI process).

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