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RESCOLL : Latest achievements in the field of assembling metals and composites

Rescoll’Blog / 10 septembre 2015

326_2Assembling has strongly evolved with the advances of the technology, the incorporation of novel materials and stronger requirements. Assembling can counts for 8% of the price of an aircraft and more than 20% of the costs of a rocket section (civil of military one). Nowadays, not only the mechanical joining function will be requested to an assembly as several other ones are requested.
RESCOLL has been working in the field of joining dissimilar materials since more than 20 years now and in the recent years the functionalizing of assemblies and the work on joints in extreme conditions has become an enormous topic in our activity.
1. Disassembling of bonded unions: for maintenance and recycling or replacement of assembling parts, RESCOLL has developed technologies of disassembling structural bonded joints. Results concerning internal research and a CORAC projects will be presented.
2. Thermal conductivity: has become a novel subject in the development of novel methods of heat exchangers manufacturing and heat evacuation of, e.g. light embedded systems racks. RESCOLL will present results of the project eTBond and THEOREM, project co-funded in the frame of the Fond Unitaire Interminiteriel (FUI)
3. Structural epoxy adhesives need to be efficient in a large range of temperatures for specific applications. RESCOLL has develop formulations being efficient from cryogenic to 150 C.
The performance and the perspectives of these developments as well as examples of their uses in the industry will be provided in relation to a technical bench mark.