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RESCOLL : Latest achievements in the field of Modern Surface Treatment.

Rescoll’Blog / 10 septembre 2015

326_2Surface treatments of metals remains a hot topic in the fields of aeronautic and space. The compliance to regulatory, technical, environmental and economic requirements and trends make have create a revolution in the way to formulate and apply new generations of coatings. Coatings need to adhere strongly, long time and be resistant, at the same time they have to facilitate stripping; coatings need to protect against temperature and even fire, at the same time they have to be thin and light; finally Cr-Free corrosion protection primers have to deal with technical requirements historically developed with the advances of Cr anodizing.
Since several years RESCOLL has develop several coatings having these intrinsically contradictory coatings, achieving: paint stripping without solvents, temperature protection of around 300C without degradation of aesthetic pigments, fire protection of aircraft structures according to FAA and EASA requirements with 30% less mass than existing solutions and latest developments on inhibitors/coatings compatibility and corrosion protection level (arriving until more than 3000 hours of salt spray).
Results of projects developed in the frame several devolvement performed with industrial partners and in the frame of risk sharing, B to B, RAPID and FUI projects will be presented. The performance and the perspectives of these developments as well as examples of their uses in the industry will be provided in relation to a technical bench mark.