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RESCOLL carries out mechanical tests on all types of materials such as resin, plastic, composite, metallic, ceramic, wood and chipboard materials … as well as on finished products (sandwich panels, medical devices, …). These tests are performed according to national and international standards (ISO, ASTM, EN, …), specifications and customer test methods (AITM, customer specifications, …).

We support our customers in their R&D projects, product qualifications and series monitoring phases in aeronautics, oil&gas, medical and railway sectors in particular.

We also propose :

  • the development of test methods
  • the design and manufacture of test tools
  • preparation of specimens, in particular via : the manufacture of composite plates, machining, non-destructive testing (A-Scan and C-Scan), instrumentation using strain and stress gauges, heel bonding, the production of bonded assemblies with the supply of substrates (steel, aluminium, glass, composite, etc.) as well as surface preparation (sandblasting, plasma, etc.), equipping the specimens with fittings, etc., installation of anti-buckling systems.

From a testing quality point of view, Rescoll is :

  • COFRAC ISO 17025 and NADCAP accredited
  • Qualified Airbus, SAFRAN, GE

With more than 30 testing machines (fatigue & static) ranging from 0 to 1 200 kN (120 Tons), our mechanical testing department can perform all the following tests* :

  • Smooth traction, inhabited hole or not
  • Smooth compression, with or without a lived-in hole
  • Plane shear +/-45°.
  • 3- and 4-point bending
  • Inter laminar shear stress (ILSS)
  • Single, double, quadruple shearing on sandwich panels
  • Peeling (movable rollers, climbing drum, 90°, 180°, manual, …)
  • Perpendicular traction
  • Matting / Bearing
  • Pull through / Pull out
  • Toughness / Crack tracking (G1C, G2C, K1C)
  • Impact, CAI, TAI and ISV measures
  • Prob-tack or tack to the loop
  • Cleavage
  • Torsion (+/-140°)
  • Rotation (unlimited number of laps)
  • Combined tests: Tension + torsion, Compression + torsion

The specimens can be instrumented with extensometers (mechanical, video, laser), LVDT strain gauges (high precision displacement transducer), acoustic emission sensors or a thermal camera.

These tests can be performed in :

  • Temperature from -180°C to + 500°C (higher temperature on request),
  • Humidity from 20% to 100% (can be combined with temperature)
  • Physiological bath at 37°C
  • Immersion in a liquid
  • After conditioning and/or aging (see environmental testing)

Rendered test reports include the following output data:

  • Force, stress, strain at break
  • Force, stress, deformation at maximum force
  • Force, stress, deformation at the elastic limit
  • Force, stress, deformation at an Offset (Example Rp02)
  • Force, stress, deformation at any other point or event (matting, first break, at a given deformation, at a given stress…)
  • Young’s, shear, tensile/compression modules…
  • Fish Coefficient, longitudinal and transverse deformation measurement
  • Test points file for reprocessing
  • Photography of specimens before, during and after testing
  • Photograph of the test set-up
  • Test conditions (standard, operating procedure, date, technician, customer specification, deviation from standard, material used and date of last verification, etc.)
  • Video of the tests…

* Non-exhaustive list

Tensile TestsISO 527
ISO 37
EN 2561
EN 2597
EN 2747
ASTM D3039
AITM 1-0007
IGC 04 026 406
ISO 6892
EN 2002-1
Compression testsSO 604
ISO 14126
ISO 844
PrEN 2850
ASTM D6641
ASTM D3410
AITM 1-0008
Bending testsASTM C393
ISO 14125
EN 2562
ISO 178
EN 2746
IGC 04-26-280
NF T 54-606
ASTM D6272
ASTM D7249
AITM 1-0018
Shear testsEN 1465
EN 2243-1
ASTM D3165
ISO 4587
NF T 54-605
EN 1827
AITM 1-0019
ASTM D5379 (Iosipescu)
Interlaminar Shear TestsISO 14130
EN 2563
EN 2743
EN 2377
Peel testsISO 4578
ASTM D3330
EN 2243-2
EN 2243-3
EN 1464
EN 1372
ASTM D1876
ASTM D1781
Plane Shear TestsISO 14129
EN 6031
AITM 1-0002
Perpendicular Tensile TestsEN 2243-4
EN 15840
ISO 4624
AITM 1-0025
Bearing TestsASTM D5961
EN 6037
Pull Through TestsASTM D7332
Corner cleavage testISO 10354
NF T 76-114
Impact testsASTM D7136
ASTM D7137
Impact resistance by ball drop TestsISO 6272-1
Toughness Tests G1CISO 13586
PrEN 6033
ISO 15024
AITM 1-0005
AITM 1-0053
Shore A & Shore DISO 868
ASTM D2240
ISO 7619-1
Charpy notched impact bending test IISO 179
NF T 51-035
Special non-standard static or dynamic testsOn specifications