RESCOLL new offers: « Seat Cushions Test » and « Cargo Liners Flame Penetration Test »

Rescoll’Blog / 26 juillet 2017

At the FAA Materials Working Group held in Cologne on June 7 and 8, the NexGen kerosene burner, also called Sonic Burner, was approved.

The working group, led by FAA and in which RESCOLL’s Fire Testing Lab is an active member, is responsible for developing new equipment to test the fire resistance of seat cushions and cargo liners. This NexGen Burner will progressively supplant the current generation of oil burners used all over the world. You can see the new burner in action in the video here!

RESCOLL has added two new tests to its range of services already proposed for aircraft cabin interiors: “Seat Cushions Tests” and “Cargo Liners Flame Penetration Test” in accordance with FAR/CS 25 853 & Appendix F Part II & III.

RESCOLL provides its customers with knowledgeable assistance and services to demonstrate compliance of cabin interior products with the required airworthiness approval,. RESCOLL also offers services such as:

–           Crashworthiness tests according to FAR/CS 25.651

–           Fireworthiness tests according to FAR/CS 25.853

–           Certification Programme & Qualification Test Plan

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