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RESCOLL offers AIRBUS qualified testing of composites

Rescoll’Blog / 10 avril 2019

RESCOLL is a NADCAP company in the field of non metallic materials offering a wide range of mechanical testing and thermomechanical analysis. Since 2011, RESCOLL has been qualified by AIRBUS for non metallic material qualifications and production control in particular CFRP, resins and bonded assemblies.

Most popular tests are:

– Analysis of non metallic material (uncured) by diffrential scanning calorimetry (DSC) AITM 3-0002

-Determination of the extent of cure by differential scanning QCS101065 calorimetry (DSC) AITM 3-0008

– Determination of the glass transition temperatures (DMA) AITM 1-0003

– Analysis of thermoset systems by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) AITM 3-0001

Click here to see the list of our qualification:


AIRBUS SUR2018.0247-C-QTML Qualif-RESCOLL Rochefort-294826


If you want to discover our facilities, have a look to our movie on aeronautics : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgVuQEGDuw0

For more informations, contact us: rescoll@rescoll.fr