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Rescoll partner of the EUROSTARS project « Full Composite Car »

Rescoll’Blog / 28 février 2020

RESCOLL’s team is pleased to announce the official launch of the international collaborative research and innovation project entitled Full Composite Car (FCC). This project is involved in the Eurostars Program, a European joint program between the EUREKA authorities (for support) and Funding National authorities (for grant). It is especially oriented to innovation activities for small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) located in the EU States, improving their R&D performances and focusing on highly-valuable products in market-oriented applications.

Purpose and goal

The project FCC aims to develop the first lightweight car, fully made of composite parts and 100% recyclable.

Expected results and effects

A lightweight composite car containing innovative and recyclable materials, thus reducing weight along with fuel consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. The overall result will be applicable within several other industrial areas, but mainly in the transport sector.


The project consortium is established around an intensive collaboration between 4 companies:

ISOMATEX, in Belgium (

SEGULA Technologies, in Sweden (

RESCOLL, in France (

FÖLLER, in the Czech Republic (


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