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Rescoll will perform an ETV verification for Veolia

Rescoll’Blog / 22 mars 2017

In March started a new ETV verification for Veolia in the frame of POWERSTEP project. Rescoll, as an European VB has been chosen to perform this verification.

The goal of POWERSTEP project is a full scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts. The project takes place in the frame of European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme – Innovation Action

Today, making waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) energy-efficient typically addresses only marginal improvements like more efficient aggregates (aerators and pumps) or digester operations. The realisation of an energy-positive WWTP requires combination of new concepts for wastewater treatment together with an optimised integration of existing technologies in all side aspects.

POWERSTEP uses concepts and technologies that have been tested in laboratories and pilot scale plants. Their full-scale commercial references with a reliable
 assessment of process efficiencies under realistic conditions remain at stake. POWERSTEP aims to demonstrate their viability to ensure a successful market deployment of the new technology.

Strategic objectives are the following ones :

  • Demonstrate the concept of energy-producing WWTPs based upon full-scale investigations of individual processes and design elements
  • Assess energy balances and operation costs and the dependence on factors such as wastewater constitution, treatment quality target, and more.
  • Define potential design schemes of cost-competitive energy positive and carbon neutral WWTPs.
  • Ensure confidence in the design and operation of the overall treatment schemes to enable replication of solutions and rapid deployment.
  • Guarantee a significant contribution from the water sector to the green-energy sector, while securing worldwide market shares and job growth in Europe

For further information don’t hesitate to contact claire.michaud@rescoll.fr