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SAFEPROTEX : a new european program with RESCOLL

Rescoll’Blog / 10 mai 2010

The new Community strategy for 2007-2012 on health and safety at work stresses and sets out the need to identify situations of risk exposure and to design preventive solutions and innovative technologies to deal with the new risks that have to be faced by emergency bodies as well as emergency teams. SAFEPROTEX Project falls into this big goal.

SAFEPROTEX is a step forward in the aim at matching the most promising materials and technologies and the need for high added value protective clothing.
SAFEPROTEX is a collaborative project under the 7th Framework Programme targeted to SMEs (call identifier-FP7-NMP-2008-SMR-2).
The starting day of the Project was April the 1st, 2010 and the duration is 42 months. There is the participation of nineteen beneficiaries belonging to nine European countries (Greece,  Czech Republic, France (RESCOLL and TVD  are the French partners of this project), United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Slovakia).

There are two main general goals for the project. First one is the development of protective uniforms, incorporating multiple protective properties and designated for rescue teams and emergency bodies under complex risky conditions met in various types of everyday emergency operations. That means designing protective uniforms able to protect against the multiple hazards of risky situations: protection against wetting and water permeation; protection against extreme environment temperatures; protection against microbial contamination; protection against fire and associated heat; protection against UV radiation; protection against static electricity.
A second goal is achieving a big component of durability of those protective functions by respecting physiological comfort and mechanical parameters.
The European dimension of the project is assured by the fact that the competences required to reach the goals of the project – related with chemical protection, thermoregulation, high temperatures alerts and antibacterial properties- are unique and cannot be found in a single country.
The Economical and Competitiveness aspects of the project are assured by the fact that the unique properties of SAFEPROTEX expected products have a strong potential for wide applications in the various emergency teams operating worldwide, so the spectrum of marketed and business possibilities is very huge. In addition, the project opens a door for the SMEs cooperation around Europe, by investigating and producing High-tech value products..
SAFEPROTEX project is highly multidisciplinary and requires developments in diverse areas such as polymers science, technology and processing, new additive masterbatches development and fiber spinning, nanotechnology, sol-gel technology, smart thermoregulating materials, micro-encapsulation, plasma technology, ergonomic garment design, etc. Based on a unique combination of expertise, an extensive literature review and a deep knowledge of textile materials and technologies, the Consortium has selected among various approaches to focus its research activities on the most promising materials and technologies.

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