14 janvier 2021

INDAR debonding innovation by RESCOLL to enhance repairability index

Major steps for durability and right to repair have been taken in France. Since January, 1 2021, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers sold in France must be labelled with a repairability index. This information has become mandatory for electronic devices, as well as washing machines and electric lawnmowers. A second step [...]

26 août 2014

Rescoll mentioned in spanish website ecoticias

IK4-CIDETEC with RESCOLL Société de Recherche and Ulm Helmholtz Institute, will organize a seminar on sustainable batteries in Germany. The event is part of the activities related to the European project Greenlion. The seminar, to be held in the German city of Ulm, aims to provide the opportunity to share both academic and industry [...]