1 décembre 2022

RESCOLL presents TISSYOU project website

Rescoll, Inserm CIC 1431, StratiCell and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology are celebrating the 1st year of the TISSYOU project with a brand-new website! This project aim is to develop, qualify and produce an innovative biomaterial marketed for two major applications: in-vitro research testing and in-vivo cutaneous [...]

4 juillet 2019

Start of MECATESTERS project (RESCOLL – 18/04/2019)

  RESCOLL was pleased to welcome KVE Composites Group and GKN FOKKER on April 18th and 19th to launch the MECATESTERS project . This 30-months Clean Sky project has for purpose to increase knowledge of thermoplastics welding behaviour. The official presentation below: “In the aircraft industry, changes in the regulatory [...]

7 octobre 2015

RESCOLL : Invitation to the Closure WorkShop of FP7 Greenlion project

Please find below the invitation to the Closure WorkShop of FP7 Greenlion project:  "Dear colleague, Let me send you some words about the closure Workshop of FP7 Greenlion project, that we, CIDETEC, are organizing here in San Sebastian, Spain. Together with the project final review meeting, a public Workshop will be [...]