Using bioactive coating to Improved Diabetes Management : RESCOLL participates in the fp7 SPIDIMAN program

Rescoll’Blog / 14 septembre 2012

Single-Port Insulin Infusion for Improved Diabetes Management

SPIDIMAN is a collaborative project within the fp7 leading to develop an innovative approach to manage diabetes. By exploiting a novel glucose sensor technology, SPIDIMAN aims to improve glycaemic management for better quality of life and healthier aging. The consortium will develop a new surface treatment and glucose-sensitive fluorescent coating technology applied onto a standard insulin catheter and incorporated into a single-port artificial pancreas system. Advanced optical continuous glucose monitoring technology (smart tattoos) with improved sensor accuracy, faster response times, wider dynamic range and higher signal stability will advance diabetes management by reducing hypo- and hyperglycaemic episodes. Within SPIDIMAN, research-intensive European SMEs will develop an innovative artificial pancreas approach. A clinical validation will be performed by an European network of specialized diabetes centres (partners of the project).

SPIDIMAN will thus pave the way for a single-port device that integrates improved glucose measurement and more accurate insulin delivery to provide better glycaemic management in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes. The new device is expected to be particularly suitable for patients in childhood and adolescence.

The scientific and technological cooperation in SPIDIMAN consortium and their roles in the project are well balanced covering the complete industrial chain: from raw material, scientific comprehension, technological research and manufacturing. To this purpose, the industrial partnership was designed to combine SME’s, Universities and Hospital, each one as leading experts in each of the scientific fields involved in the project. SPIDIMAN will integrate resources from coating development (RESCOLL, AKIRA), sensor development (JOANNAUM Research), Diabetes research (MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF GRAZ – MUG), paediatric research (CENTRE HOSPITALIER DU LUXEMBOURG – CHL), the expertise of medical specialist in clinical test (PYRO Science, MUG, CHL) and leader in the fields of algorithm development and data modelling (CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY).

For more information, please contact: florent.deliane@rescoll.fr