Airbus qualifies Rescoll for manufacturing composite plates and machining test specimens

Rescoll’Blog / 26 novembre 2018

In response to requests from our aerospace customers, we have completed our range of proposed services and are now qualified by Airbus for the manufacture of composite plates, according to the requirements of WP « 1. Manufacturing of thermoset composites » QTP « Composite test specimens manufacturing and machining qualification ».

Rescoll is officially qualified by Airbus for the manufacture of plates. Rescoll is able to:
• Supply the material
• Manage the material cold
• Make cutouts and layouts
• Polymerize in an autoclave
And of course,
• Machine the specimens,
• Instruming the specimens with gauges and taps,
• Perform tests: mechanical, thermomechanical, physicochemical, …
Rescoll is thus the only laboratory present on the whole chain: this constitutes our true added value.
Similar qualifications from other contractors are forthcoming.
To download the scope of Airbus qualification:SUR2018.0463-A- QTML QUALIF – RESCOLL – 296664
For more info: commercial@rescoll.fr