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Clean Sky Project ADONIS: RESCOLL to Test Insulating Materials

Rescoll’Blog / 19 décembre 2013



RESCOLL has successfully launched a new Clean Sky project, named ADONIS : Analyzing Durability of Insulating Materials.  This project, part of the final wave of project calls within the FP7 Clean Sky Program, is focused on the testing and optimization of the performance of electrical insulating materials to be used to protect wires in the new SAGE2 progam’s test engine.

The ADONIS project will push the state of the art in chemical resistance testing, going beyond traditional immersion testing.  The ADONIS project will use a customized spray testing system for analyzing chemical resistance.  This type of system is highly advantageous, as up to now, when immersion testing is used, oftentimes the liquid being tested protects the surface from oxygen and other envionmental factors.  The use of spray testing is far more representative of real-world cases, in which both air and liquid come into contact with the surface.

For more information on RESCOLL’s chemical spray testing and project ADONIS, contact Isabelle Coco.