Clean Sky

4 juillet 2019

Start of MECATESTERS project (RESCOLL – 18/04/2019)

  RESCOLL was pleased to welcome KVE Composites Group and GKN FOKKER on April 18th and 19th to launch the MECATESTERS project . This 30-months Clean Sky project has for purpose to increase knowledge of thermoplastics welding behaviour. The official presentation below: “In the aircraft industry, changes in the regulatory [...]

30 janvier 2017

SPECTRAL: RESCOLL involved in a European Project on 3D printing of high performance thermoplastics

. . . . . . . The technology known as Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) is one of the oldest known methods for 3D printing of objects. Printers based on FFF technology commonly have prices far less than comparable designs using photo polymerization or sintering technologies. However, to date, FFF has been largely limited to […]

19 décembre 2013

Clean Sky Project ADONIS: RESCOLL to Test Insulating Materials

  RESCOLL has successfully launched a new Clean Sky project, named ADONIS : Analyzing Durability of Insulating Materials.  This project, part of the final wave of project calls within the FP7 Clean Sky Program, is focused on the testing and optimization of the performance of electrical insulating materials to be used to protect wires [...]