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Formulation of bio-sourced structural epoxy resins by RESCOLL

Rescoll’Blog / 9 juin 2020

One of the priority lines of work of RESCOLL in its studies for the development of functional resins and adhesives has always been based on the formulation of products whose components are mainly derived from bio-sourced raw materials.

The work carried out to date highlights the possibility of developing resins with structural properties from components mainly of bio-sourced origin.

Thus, Tg of around 100°C are obtained with epoxy type resins containing a high percentage of bio-based components (around 50%). These results are clearly more interesting than the partially bio-sourced resins currently on the market, which are non-structural and whose Tg is around 50°C.

The development work is not completely finished because the objective of RESCOLL in this study is to obtain a 120°C class resin that can be used as a matrix for composite materials as well as a base for adhesives for the aeronautical field.

With the new orientations given by the different European governments conditioning the support to the aeronautics industry, studies on bio-sourced resins become a priority.

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