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RESCOLL doubles their aerospace “Interior Cabin” fire testing capacity

Rescoll’Blog / 25 février 2016

laboratoire feu RescollRESCOLL, the only private French laboratory qualified by AIRBUS for all ABD0031 specification “interior cabin” fire tests, has doubled the number of the fire testing equipment at their site. Because the aeronautical field is becoming more and more competitive, productivity and fast processing times are the key to success. With these recent purchases, RESCOLL now has the means to significantly reduce turnaround time, resulting in a real advantage for their clients.

The “interior cabin” fire testing laboratory at RESCOLL is now equipped with:

  • 3 Flammability chambers (AITM 2.0002 / FAR 25 Part I)
  • 2 Smoke & Toxicty chambers (AITM 2.0007 & AITM 3.0005 / FAR 25 Part V)
  • 2 Heat Release chambers (AITM 2.0006 / FAR 25 Part IV)

For any further information, the list of tests performed in RESCOLL’s fire testing laboratory is available here : Fire & Flammability Test

For any other details regarding these tests, please contact nicolas.vanel@rescoll.fr or jordan.bouvier@rescoll.fr