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RESCOLL: Implementing Europe's best "Cabin Interior" testing laboratory

Rescoll’Blog / 13 décembre 2016

As a result of the business merger between RESCOLL and CRITT MPC, there has emerged a laboratory specialized in Cabin Interior testing, which is the largest in Europe.
RESCOLL’s expertise in domains such as fire and environmental tests, coupled with CRITT  MPC’s expertise in static and dynamic tests, now permits RESCOLL to offer a large range of testing as required by the cabin interior products, systems and equipment. Our specialists bring extensive technical and regulatory knowledge for manufacturers, developers, and MRO  providers interested in their products’ certification (testings, tests plans, support on documents).

As RESCOLL is certified by numerous manufacturers (AIRBUS, Dassault Aviation, Gulfstream, GE, Safran) and has NADCAP accreditation, RESCOLL is able to advise and support your testing and certification for products such as seats, furniture, galleys, systems and equipment in accordance with regulations (FAR 25, CS 25, ABD0031, DO160, etc…).

For more information regarding our activities at both the Pessac and Rochefort sites, do not hesitate to inquire at commercial@rescoll.fr or at + 33 (0)5 47 74 69 00.